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DGR Special Machines



With our own design department, we can agree to special requests of our customers. Not only
special equipment for our our machines is possible, also retrofitting to machines from other

In the past, we have built the following special machines respectively following special retrofittings:

■  book block line BBS
    for producing of passports

■  stacker BST 02
    for stacking of books and blocks - the following product gets stacked to the prior product.

■  book destacker behind the three knife trimmer

■  blockfeeder BA02
    for feeding of piles (block or books), pushing-off and decollating of the upper product

■  conveyor systems
    configurated to customers wishes, e.g. belts, curves, drying towers, sorters, emergency deliveries, ...

■  sheet control for Müller Martini gathering machine
    Sheet control is done at the separating drum of the gathering machine by identification and
    comparison of the decollated sheet in each magazine with the reference sheet.

■  thickness control for Müller Martini gathering machine
    The thickness of the following books gets controlled with the first measured book.

Please talk to us for every kind of special machines for bookbinding machines.
You have the idea - we realize.