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DGR Graphic GmbH
Fritz-Souchon-Straße 10
D-32339 Espelkamp
Tel. +49 (0) 5772 - 979 220
Fax +49 (0) 5772 - 979 225



Origin and development


DGR was founded in 1997 by mechanical engineers Gerd Depping and Horst Rathert (Dipl. Eng.). Horst Rathert managed the new development of the company for 12 years as Co-Managing Director. Gerd Depping has been sole Managing Director since 2009. The company's first headquarters were in Stemwede. Due to space constraints, the company relocated to Espelkamp in 2001. DGR initially started with the construction of small format casing-in machines, specifically intended for the manufacture of diaries. However, these machines were also used in special solutions, for example, for producing German passports and for manufacturing bibles, and were sold throughout the world. For the first few years, the young company produced special solutions and customised machines in addition to the production of the small format casing-in machines.  DGR developed a special solution for the Bundesdruckerei (German Federal Printing Office) in Berlin for assembling German passports. Today these are exclusively manufactured on the DGR machine. At DGR we soon recognised that the manufacture of diaries (soon to be almost completely relocated to the Far East) was a declining market, and started to consider new fields of activity. Thus we decided to focus on the development of machines for the growing market of small print runs in book production. In cooperation with a customer in South Germany we initially developed a hardcover flow line. This was followed by a three-knife trimmer and finally a perfect binder. Thus our product range included all the main machines for book production except  a casemaker. Our objective was to achieve a very short make-ready time and avoid the use of make-ready copies by dispensing with exchange parts and using reliable state-of-the-art technology. This approach has recently enabled DGR to market machines for economical single book production and very short runs in conjunction with digital printing. In this way, we have been able to develop substantial expertise in addition to our extensive experience in the paper finishing industry. Currently, only the DGR machines allow economical production of hardcover and softcover products as single copies or in very small series. Our new developments are protected by comprehensive patent applications and are currently unrivalled in certain market niches.



Company objective:


The objective of DGR Graphic for the next few years is to further optimize and supplement our product portfolio in this sector of small series.DGR Graphic's strengths are its extensive experience and its capability to adapt quickly and flexibly to the specific requirements of its customers.





DGR Graphic's activities are primarily focused on the installation of the machines, and customer service that also includes design adaptations to customer requirements and enhanced product development. Production itself takes place externally and sales are made via cooperation partners. The result is an extremely lean company structure that can be optimally adapted to fluctuating turnover.



Standard range to date:


Diary and book production:

Casing-in machine E01

Forming press F03




Hardcover book production:


Casing-in machines E30 and E31

Building-in machine FE33

Book line RHLE 30


Softcover and book block production:


Perfect binder KM41

Three-knife trimmer D09