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From the idea to customer
Customer dialogue


Our machines must be as individual and unique as the products of our customers. Therefore, in intensive personal conversations we find out the special demands of our customers, to construct afterwards a machine optimally cutomized for their needs. Important information for our further planning are e.g. the final product, the requested kind of use, the optimal integrity into the further production process of the cusomer as well as a lot of other individual aspects. The personal care of our customers is to us - also after delivery of the machines -  an affair of the heart.



Allowing for all important customer aspects, our engineers start with the first design at the drawing board. The processes inside the machine get fixed and measurements get determined having regard to individual function and handling.

Computer controlled, virtual Design


Afterwards the drawings and dimensions are transfered into special CAD programms and a three-dimensional virtual model of the machine is developed. On this base the machine is build in our workshop.


Engineers at work in our company


Our experienced technicians start with manufacturing of our individual machines. The whole production process inside our company is aimed on longevity, largely maintenance-freedom, high quality and high capacity as well as on flawless functionality. Every machine, which leaves our company, is designed individually, exactly detailed construced and produced solidly, with the aim to delivery a unique product, with is exactly coordinated to the needs of our customers.

Packaging for transport


After the finished machine has been finally controlled by our experts, it gets carefully packed.

Transportation directly to the customer by truck


To guarantee a sure and current delivery to the customer, we work successfully hand in hand with regional or international forwarding agents for many years.