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Operating areas of our machines



For a lot of people the passport is one of the most important documents.
The heigh-quality production of German passports occurs in the "Bundesdruckerei" on machines, designed by us.

Photo books 
Small editions


Almost everybody has given away or received a photo book as a valuable, individual souvenir.
In particular parents with new borns create with pleasure baby books, to perpetuate the nicest moments with their little ones.
With our machines we are market leader for the print finishing of these unique, personal memories.

Hardcover- /
Softcover products


The spectrum of the uses and the possibilities of hardcover and softcover products is wide.
From manufacturing of individual products, novels and special books up to calendar diaries, our machines are used.



With especially thin and many sides and the required durability, quite special demands are made to the production of bibles. 
A large part of the examples of the probably most-read book of the world is also produced on DGR machines.

Photo books


Who has not even given away a photo book or received as a gift? Lot of these memory books for holidays, jubilees, weddings or birthday parties are made on our machines.

Openable labels


Banderoles, which find use in particular on packaging for pharmaceutical products, should be functional, resilient and informative.
The high-class production of openable labels on DGR machines allow fixing of the most important information on different packagings.


For more than 20 years we are specialized in manufacturing of machines for single book production and small editions.


Our intention is to get exemely short set-up times and to avoid set copies by elimination of changing parts and new functions.


Three Knife Trimmer


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Perfect Binder


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Casing-In Machine


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Building-in Machine


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Book Production Line


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Label Gluing Machine


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