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DGR Book Line RHLE 30


■  fully automated
■  without mechanical exchange parts


The DGR Book Line RHLE 30 is a new, automatic book flow line, complete with downstream joint forming and pressing station for economic industrial manufacture of conventional hard cover books. This book line offers state-of-the-art technology, fast change-over without the need to change format parts, and now also allows short, very short print runs and even individual copies of qualitatively superior books to be produced with consistently high quality and extremely attractive unit costs.

The entire DGR Graphic Book Line RHLE 30 line is designed for books with rounded or square spines, and includes a rounding station, backing station and headbanding station, as well as the casing-in station itself.
On request, the DGR Book Line RHLE 30 can also be supplied as a pure casing-in line in a shortened version for books with square spines, see Casing-in machine E30.
The downstream joint forming and pressing station with delivery section is identical in both versions and completes the perfect book production, see Building-in machine FE33.

Special features
■  Very short make-ready times (no need to change format parts!)
■  Automatic motorised format change (optional)
■  Simple operation by a single operator
■  Superior industrial book quality
■  Small footprint
■  Offline or inline operation possible
■  Special single copy option for individual books

Technical data
Mech. speed max. 1200 cycles/h
Format range (W x H)
Max. 300 mm x 300 mm
Min.  100 mm x 120 mm
Book block thickness
Max. 60 mm / min. 8 mm (opt. 4 mm)
ca. 5000 mm x 4000 mm