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DGR Building-in machine, press FE03

The books are pushed off the book cross delivery of the casing-in machine E01 individually or in stacks by a pusher and transferred to a belt transport that conveys the books in cycles through the machine. During this transport the books pass through 4 positions. For each position, the transport stops and the books, clamped between the belts, are pressed by plates over their entire surface.The pressing pressure is generated by a cam system that is actuated by the main drive. The pressing pressure of all stations amounts to 50,000 N. The products are held by the same system during all pressing processes.

As the pressed stacks or individual products leave the transport system, they are pushed by a cross pusher onto the delivery where they can be removed individually or in stacks.

Special features
■  4 pairs of joint forming rails
■  Separate temperature control
■  Function can be switched on and off
■  Automatic centring in relation to the pressing plates
■  Books are continuously held throughout the process
■  Automatic speed adjustment to the casing-in machine E01
■  High joint forming quality
■  High specific pressing pressure
■  Seamless pressing over the entire surface
■  Long service life
■  Transport with one system
■  Very short make-ready time

Technical data
max. 150 x 250 x 60 mm
min.    60 x 90 x 3 mm
max. 50 products/min
L: 3500 x W: 1800 (with casing-in machine E01)
H: 1500 mm
800 kg
Power consumption
3 kW 230/400 V  3 phase 50 Hz
Pressing duration
for 50 products/min
and stacks of 5 = 22 sec.
Compressed air requirement
2 Nm3/h  6 bar