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DGR Casing-in machine E01


■  Casing-in machine for diaries and books

The cases, lying flat in the magazine are separated and pulled out by suction cups and fed into the draw-off rollers. These rollers transport the case to the case straightening rollers. The straightening effect is adjustable. When the case leaves the case straightening rollers, it is transported by a toothed belt transport system via a mechanical gearing with phases of movement and standstill into the pre-forming station where the centre strip is pre-rounded by heated forming elements.
After the second movement cycle, the case stops in the casing-in position where it is precisely positioned by stops and correction fingers.
The book blocks are placed upright on the cut edge on a feeder belt and are separated by a pneumatically controlled pusher. They are transported by a toothed belt transport system to the block splitter until they make contact with the alignment stop. The block is split in the centre and picked up by vertically rotating wings and guided past the glue rollers.
During further transport, the block spine is brought together with the centre strip of the prepared case. The case is pressed onto the block spine throughout the entire format height on both sides by pressing rollers and held in position by suction rails. This achieves precise positioning of the case.
Pressing rollers and suction rails secure the position until the case is fully folded down. The pressing rollers also press down the case until the book enters the press rollers.
During the return run of the paternoster wing system, the book is placed with its front cut onto a support surface. The wing continues moving, releasing the book that is pushed by a mechanically driven cross pusher onto a cross delivery belt that has a slight upward gradient.
The books can be manually removed from the cross delivery belt or automatically transferred to a downstream forming press.

Special features
■  Paternoster wing casing-in system for increased machine speeds
■  Integrated press rollers after casing in
■  High casing-in precision due to follower-type pressing rollers and suction rails
■  Low maintenance gluing system
■  Suitable for hard and flexible cases
■  Case straightening and temperature assisted centre strip forming
■  Can be connected inline to the building-in machine F03
■  Simple operation
■  Very short make-ready time
■  Precision corrections possible during production
■  Non-stop operation

Technical data
max. 150 x 250 x 30 mm
min.    60 x   90 x  3 mm (min. 70 x 100 x 3 mm, optional)
Speed 50 cycles/min
2700 x 1200 x 1900 mm
980 kg
Power consumption
2 kW 230/400 V  3 phase 50 Hz
Compressed air requirement
2Nm3/h  6 bar