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DGR Casing-in machine E30


■  Casing in machine for books and diaries

Special features
■  Can be connected inline to the building-in machine FE33
■  Book block feeder with book blocks placed upright on the front cut or connected inline with the three-knife trimmer
■  Flexible case magazine for plastic or hardcover cases
■  Case spine heating and pre-forming
■  Case spine forming with adjustable tools
■  No exchange parts for format adjustment
■  Precise block and case alignment prior to casing in
■  Cold glue applied to the entire surface of the book block, adjustable glue thickness
■  Adjustable glue thickness and joint gluing position
■  Short gluing unit cleaning time
■  Auxiliary drive for the gluing rollers during a machine stop
■  Precise casing in results thanks to suction rails that suction-hold the aligned case and shape and press the case onto the glued book block with
a mechanical motion. This allows a very precise tight or loose casing-in result as required
■  Gentle book transport by wings that move up and down
■  Book delivery by rotating clamps that ensure gentle deposit of the newly cased-in book
■  Delivery conveyor for drying, cooling and feeding the books to the forming press
■  Two books are fed into the forming press ensuring longer pressing and dwell times
■  Optional: Joint or spine gluing with hotmelt nozzles

Special features
■  Short format change-over time (no exchange parts)
■  Economic production of superior quality books
■  Single-operator control
■  Small footprint
■  Low investment costs
■  Non-stop operation

Technical data
max. 300 x 300 x 60 mm
min.    90 x 120 x   4 mm (min. 70 x 100 x 3 mm, optional)
20 cycle/min.
approx. 1,200 kg
Power consumption
4 kW, 400 V, 3N, PE, 50 Hz