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DGR Label Gluing Machine EK 45


■   for producing of two-ply labels

The Label Gluing Machine EK45 is a special machine for producing of two-ply labels.

A lower and an upper sheet get combined to a two-ply lable. Thereby the upper sheet is exactly positioned to the lower sheet, so that both sheets are flush with the left lateral edge and the front edge.

The connection is done with two (optionally three) glue lines. One glue line is placed directly beside the left lateral egde and is done with cold glue. Another one is placed beside with the distance of 12 mm and is done with removable and reclosable cold glue contact glue. This distance is adjustable. The distance of the 3rd glue line is constantly positioned.

Inside the pressing station both sheets are pressed together, so the glue film thickness gets reduced to the minimum.

standard equipment
■  pile magazine for upper sheet with following drum-transport
■  pile magazine for lower sheet with following drum-transport

■  equipment for double gluing (dot or line)
■  miss and double sheet control
■  delivery transport with pressing unit
■  operating panel / touchpanel
■  SPS-control

special equipment (option)
■  equipment for tripe glue line

technical date
■  format height: 120 up to 320 mm
■  format width: 180 up to 515 mm
■  speed: max. 2.400 cycles/hour