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DGR Perfect Binder KM 41


■ automatic perfect binder

■ optional end sheet station

■ without mechanical exchange parts


The DGR Perfect Binder KM 41 is designed for fully automatic manufacture of adhesive bound and thread sewn blocks (hardcover) and brochures (softcover). High-quality book blocks (for hardcovers) can be produced using the integrated, optional end sheet station and lining station. It can be used for processing gathered loose sheets and/or folded sheets or thread-sewn blocks. With the full equipment, there are 3 possible product variants:
1. Brochure with cover,
2. block with glued and lined book spine, or
3. a combination of the two as a brochure with lay-flat binding (e.g. Swiss/Euro brochure) produced in one pass.
The integratable end sheet station is a particularly rewarding investment as it has a return on investment of only a few months for short run hardcover books in the area of digital printing. Thanks to the motorised format change (optional), the different production types and formats can be very quickly changed.
For the single copy option, it is possible to change with zero make-ready time.

The collated or thread-sewn book blocks are conveyed to the infeed of the machine where they are read in and measured in thickness. Each block is cycled in and guided in a vertical and linear position into the vibrator station.  The end sheet station (optional) transports the end sheets into the bottom of the channel, from where they are guided parallel to the block, bypassing the spine processing. They are then glued to the pre-glued block. The block and end sheets are then lined together (optional) and/or provided with a scored cover. In the pressing station, the spine and sides of the bound product are cleanly pressed, giving it the desired square edged spine shape before gentle product delivery.

Special features
■  Automatic format change with servo motors (optional)
■  Integratable end sheet station
■  Integratable lining station
■  Processing of book blocks, brochures or Swiss/Euro brochures
■  Glue types: PVA, hotmelt or PUR (also in combination)
■  High product quality thanks to sturdy and compact design
■  Simple operation by a single operator
■  Offline or inline operation possible
■  Special single copy option for individual products
■  No mechanical exchange parts

Technical data
Mech. speed max. 2400 cycles/h
Format ranges
Book block (W x H)
Max. 300 x 390 mm
Min.  110 x 125 mm
Cover (W x H)
Max. 670 x 395 mm
Min.  220 x 125 mm
Block thickness
3 – 60 mm