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DGR Three-Knife Trimmer D09


■  very fast format change-over
■  without mechanical exchange parts


The Three Knife Trimmer D09 is designed for industrial manufacturing of single products up to medium runs in the hardcover and softcover sector. Its excellent cutting quality, universal format range and very high degree of automation sets new standards. A unique option is the motorised format change that is performed in seconds at the press of a button or by barcode control. Patented, adjustable pressing tools (table and pressing block are no longer required!), cover the entire range of formats.

The books are fed spine first into the machine and are gently guided into the head and tail cutting station by belts. The angled swing cut against cutting bars and against the book spine guarantees the very high cutting quality of the head and tail cut. Then the front cut is performed, which is also precisely positioned and aligned with full surface pressing. The books are delivered spine first. The cutting waste falls down, assisted by air blowing nozzles. An external removal system (belt, extraction etc.) can be easily connected. Very large cutting widths such as those encountered in digital printing are also possible.

Standard equipment
■  straight infeed
■  automatic set-up with format input via touchscreen
■  central lubrication with hand pump
■  adjustment by hand
■  SPS controlled
■  automatic material control
■  adjustable speed
■  delivery with roller belt
■  set of HSS knives
■  Offline or Inline mode possible
■   automatic thickness control at Offline mode

Special equipment (option)
■  left or right hand infeed with counter stacker
■  single book option with thickness measurement and barcode reader on additional feeding belt
■  front cutting unit for cutting of books with folded-in flaps
■  waste removing for connection to a vacuum extraction
■  waste conveyor for moving the cut-off out of the machine
■  waste carriage
■  hard metal knives
■  modem for diagnostic

Technical data
■  format uncutted: max. 470 x 320 x 60 mm
                                             min.  140 x 100 x   2 mm 
■  format cutted:      max. 420 x 300 x 60 mm
                                             min.  120 x   90 x   2 mm
■   cut-off width head: max.   25 mm standard (60 mm option)
                                        tail:   max.   50 mm standard (60 mm option)
                                        front:  max.   25 mm standard (90 mm option)
■  speed:                       max. 40 cycles/minute